About The Element.

Sound is the factor which holds it together – Dr. Hans Jenny

What is the Element?

The Element is a music blog, created in December 2012.

Who is behind the Element?

Currently, just myself; my name is Alex, and I’m a student currently living in London UK (originally from Brighton).

Why have I started this blog?

The world of music is filled with opinions. When a person hears a piece of music, they will often know instantly whether it is to their liking, or whether they’d rather burn the artists CDs and send them hate mail over social network sites. Music often motivates, provokes, and in many circumstances divides individuals. Many music-related websites, magazines, blogs, and journalists nowadays tend to approach music objectively, as though it can be categorised, given a rating and then classified to either be “good” or “bad” music. What I aim to do is approach music in a way which recognises that different music speaks to different people in different ways, and so instead introduces and describes the music, rather than simply pointing out flaws.

How will the blog be structured?

Given that the website is just in its infancy at the moment, the structure will be very simple; articles will be divided into five categories:

Introductions – Introductions to artists, providing background information, current discography, any future live dates and more.

– Reviews – Single/Album/Gig Reviews!

Discussions – To spice things up a bit, approximately once a month, I will post an article discussing an element of music, or of the music industry, that is currently contentious or is simply interesting.

– Recommendations – Very simply, recommending tracks or albums for you guys to listen to. This will at least be weekly, and more often where possible.

New Releases – Notifications of new album, EP, video or single releases, which may contain mini-reviews, or followed up by a proper review later on.

I hope you enjoy the different articles on here, if you have any suggestions please feel free to comment.

Happy listening,



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