Introducing… – Jacko Hooper

In a world filled with so much predictable and inescapably tedious acoustic music, it is becoming increasingly difficult for singer-songwriters to make a name for themselves, let alone gain the success they desire. Quite simply, it takes a special artist to gain recognition or to catch the ear of a label. Enter, then, Jacko Hooper. Hailing from Brighton, UK, the 21-year old has spent the last few years crafting his own beautifully intricate style of songwriting and steadily developing a group of dedicated fans as a result. Let’s start with the song which gained Jacko one of his initial surges of recognition online – the beautiful ‘Too Far To Sea’:

It’s the honesty and the soul of Jacko’s music which captivates me so much – there’s often a feeling of true pain to be seen in the lyrical content of his songs, accompanied with a struggle in the search for a sense of self. There are no holds barred here, no emotional restrictions nor pretensions, simply honest songwriting; it’s a feeling few artists really manage to capture effectively regardless of how talented there are. Musically there are nods to artists such as Johnny Flynn, Bon Iver and Ben Howard, but lyrically I’ve found Jacko to be totally unique. On that note, the next track I want to link you to is ‘Treasure Trove‘, which is currently my favourite track of his; the guitar takes more of a background role here, consequentially letting the vocals and  the lyrics become truly prominent. The final few lines of the song are utterly heartbreaking. Have a listen:

To date, Jacko has released two EP’s – 2012’s From Home and 2014’s For You, both of which I would hugely recommend (see the bandcamp link below for download links). The production on these EPs is fantastic and at only 4/5 tracks long each they are small bites of acoustic perfection. To finish, here’s two more tracks – the first of these is ‘In Angers’, which is accompanied by Jacko’s first ever music video and which has some fantastic group vocals, and the second is the wonderfully calming ‘Roaming’ (both of which can be found on the For You EP). Happy Listening.

Jacko Hooper
Facebook // Bandcamp


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